JavaFX Architect Live On Second Life

Sun's Danny Coward, Chief Architect, Sun's Client Software will be interviewed by Jonathan Erickson, Editorial Director of Dr. Dobb's Journal in Second Life, live from Devoxx in Belgium.

The interview will be about JavaFX, the new platform for building rich internet applications with immersive media and content for desktop, browser and mobile platforms.

javafxPhoto by Peter Hellberg

As a Netbeans Community Partner, I am proud to tell you that NetBeans IDE is the official IDE for JavaFX development, and with version 6.5, Netbeans can integrate JavaFX, so you can use the editing features of Netbeans IDE to produce stunning applications. Download the JavaFX or the complete version of Netbeans IDE here.
The editor features a drag-and-drop palette to quickly add JavaFX objects with transformations, effects and animation. This IDE also comes with its own set of Building Blocks samples and the Beta version of the JavaFX Mobile Emulator, a mobile phone simulator.

This event will take place on :

Tuesday, December 9, 1 PM Pacific (SLT)
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Where? Live, in Second Life, Sun Microsystems 1 and 2, Main Amphitheatre:

And on the web:

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