December News Machine Gun: Nurien, 3D iPhone, Vivaty Points, Myrl's Statistics

Nurien, Stunning Graphics
Nurien is a new virtual worlds platform that makes intensive use of Nvidia Geforce 8 Series to show stunning avatars, animation and graphics. Of course, it needs lots of resources.

Anyway, don't let the videos impress you, because we may need to test it to have a more accurate view, because the snapshots are not so stunning, and maybe the videos are rendered by many computers CPUs working together. Important links:

H3DAPI 2.0 Released

H3DAPI 2.0 is the new release of the open source haptics C++ API. It is for adding simulation of touch to virtual reality applications.

Introducing the 3D iPhone
Jim Dorey, virtual reality and 3D cinema expert, introduces you to 3D applications for the iPhone. An article that you shouldn't miss if you own one of those device.

Vivaty Launches Vivaty Points 
Vivaty launches Vivaty Points, which is a way to start earning points for all the great events and activities you do when in Vivaty. You can earn Vivaty Points for adding friends, sending gifts and more things. Start accumulating these points just now.
Here you are a video by MetaverseOne that shows the use of X3D for Web3D, and features Vivaty:

AnnieOK Shows Awesome Augmented Reality Video
Augmented Reality Video Monumental Projection on a post by AnnieOK, virtual reality expert that built the virtual worlds timeline that is shown in our sidebar.

Steampunk - Myths & Legends - 10 Novemeber 2008 - 3 February 2009
The largest CGChallenge ever, with over US$220,000 in prizes, that has ever been. Entrants are challenged to depict their favorite myth or legend, with a steam-punk aesthetic, via a still image or video. If you like Steampunk and are a digital artist, don't miss this opportunity.

Google Chrome Now includes Bookmark Manager, and reaches 1.0
Google Chrome is a lightweight web browser that is a good complement to Mozilla Firefox because it uses a small about of RAM and it's good if you have many apps running.
Since version 0.4, it added a Bookmark Manager, that imports Firefox bookmarks much better and can manage them in a similar way. Now, Chrome just reached 1.0, which means simply that this version is more stable, and has many security fixes.

Google: Lively Didn't Meet "Tough Targets"; Looking to Use Tech Elsewhere
In this article of Virtual Worlds News you can read explanations on how Google has decided to use Lively's technologies in other projects, due to their decision to close it. This is a good and bad news. Good because Lively may be the foundation of future developments, and bad because people that were the users of Lively are not laboratory rats.
If you want to keep Lively alive, read this.

Interview: Jack Buser On PlayStation Home's Community Focus
Worlds In Motion interviews Jack Buser about PS Home, who shows an interest for building community.

Habbo Pilots A Dual Currency Economy In The UK
Habbo will have 2 currencies: credits that have to be purchased with real money, and now also a currency called "pixels" that will be earned by using the world regularly, and by performing achievements.

The online game Tabula Rasa is going away..
On February 28, 2009, Tabula Rasa will be shutting down its servers. Read this article in This Virtual World, and the analysis that the author does about this happening.

Myrl ( shows their statistics for October and November, and you can learn from them what worlds the users are more interested into, and to which ones they decide to join. You can see a raising activity on ActiveWorlds, amongst other interesting things.

Business And Learning With GoWeb3D
GoWeb3D Experiences, GoWeb3D’s virtual learning environment for libraries and schools, has won the award for ‘Most Innovative’ new product at the Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA) Ed Tech Forum in NYC, after being selected from numerous applicants to be one of 10 participants in the SIIA’s Innovation Incubator program. 
Don't miss their many different products for all kinds of activities applied to virtual worlds for education, business, community areas, workplaces, virtual residences...

New Marketing Director At The AVW
The Association of Virtual Worlds has appointed Andrew Peters (virtual world advocate and community creator) as new Marketing Director.
Peters will be chartered with launching the AVW Platinum Membership Program as well as growing the community even much more.
The new AVW Platinum is a high visibility premium membership package that offers members the opportunity to showcase their companies, products and services in order to build both sales and brand awareness.

Virtual Worlds Management News
Virtual Worlds Management launches a new product and a new conference called 3D Training, Learning and Collaboration (3D TLC), that will be on April 20-21, 2009 - Washington, DC.  This new conference focuses on the business use of virtual worlds and immersive 3D solutions
In addition, the Virtual Worlds 2009 is now called Engage! Expo. Remember that the call for speakers is now open, and that it will be on March 10-11, 2009, in New York City. It is all about immersive and engaging solutions to capture audience.  Subjects covered include kids worlds, social media, games, virtual goods (micro-transactions), and teen-oriented virtual worlds and the 3D Internet.
They also release a new blog: Virtual Goods News, which is focused on the business of micro-transactions, virtual goods, items and gifts. 

The next SIGGRAPH Conference  will be on  3 - 7 August 2009, and the Exhibition  on 4 - 6 August 2009. It will be in New Orleans. Check their site for submissions, and to know the details to attend as public:
Here you can see the computer animation festival video preview of this year (2008):

Myrl Reviewed in Killer Startups
Myrl has appeared in Killer Startups. Read their review to have a quick idea of what is Myrl, and vote them. Remember to read our interview with Francesco D'Orazio, Myrl's CEO, if you didn't.

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