December 31: Paris Hilton In Virtual Worlds With Exitreality

Just a quick note: Paris Hilton will host a 3D party using ExitReality tomorrow December 31. Read the details and enter the 3D world from here:

-Jordi R. Cardona-

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Santos Carrion said...

That's very interesting, but no, thanks. You see, people like here, the rich brats that think the world spin around them, just don't attract me the least bit. If I were to ask Paris Hilton a question, it would be: Why the hell are you such a spoiled, air head? Also, I will tell she should have taken it like a real person, and stayed in county lock-up by completing her full jail sentence, and not hide behind here vast money and celebrity status. Man, it's a good thing I no longer have that Exit Reality plugin installed on my PC, or else!

Jordi R Cardona said...

Certainly, Paris Hilton is a controversial figure, some find her fun, but others hate her. I think that this is a marketing boost for the companies that take her for their promotion. From the marketing point of view, on the short term and for the big public, it is good.

Some celebrities have associated with some virtual worlds. For example, Aerosmith with, and William Shatner with Cybertown. These are not controversial at all, and appeal to a very specific public. I think it's better. No one has anything serious against Aerosmith or Shartner, and many love them.

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