Cobalt: Open Source P2P Virtual Worlds Browser And Construction Toolkit

Cobalt is a free and open source virtual world browser and construction toolkit, based on Croquet.
Cobalt is currently in alpha phase, and will enter in beta in Summer 2009.

Cobalt is a free and open source metaverse browser and construction toolkit for accessing, creating, and publishing hyperlinked multi-user virtual worlds.  Powered by Croquet technology, Cobalt uses P2P messaging to eliminate the need for virtual world servers.

With it, you can create and share deeply collaborative virtual worlds that run on all major software operating systems. 

It may be used for multi-user virtual workspaces, game-based learning and training environments, or even just for fun.

There are already projects based on Cobalt, like Edusim, that is focused to education. You can see that Cobalt, just like Croquet, has strong virtues for virtual reality applications:

And here's another video that shows Cobalt being tested on a 13-foot by 5-foot multi-touch visualization wall equipped with six high-definition projectors located at the Renaissance Computing Institute engagement center at Duke University

Finally, here you are some web URLs to start learning about Cobalt:

Cobal Blog:

Google Group for developers:

Community Portal for users and developers:

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McFly said...

oh! Impressive! When can I get one for my apartment? :). Its an excellent way
to interact with the digital, very intuitive,
I think that if the screen was strong enough,
perhaps even a caveman might can navigate in it.

Jordi R Cardona said...

Bruce Lehman has posted the testing he has done with Cobalt. I recommend to read them and take part in the conversation.
Here is the link:

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