AWSource: Your VW Resources On ActiveWorlds

AWSource has an Information room that is focused on the metaverse, and contains blogs and links to many kinds of resources. This world is free and open to the public, and has no limit on simultaneous users, thus being a very good place to hold meetings.

AWsource itself has 26 information rooms featuring world weather, biometrics, news, technology news, and so on.  Suggestions for new topic specific rooms are always desired.

Jaque Davison, known as Lensman in ActiveWorlds, has explained in the AVW, how to get to AWSource:

"To get there, download and install the Activeworlds Browser.
Sign on and after arrival at AWGate world click the tab on the upper left of the browser and select the worlds tab.
Scroll down the list till you find "AWSource" . Click it.
Upon arrival at AWSource look right of the arrival point for the "World Teleports" sign click it then locate the metaverse sign and click that to arrive at the information room.
You could just walk south form the initial arrival point or use the ram warps which are blue glowing disks to speed to to the world teleports platform."

You can contribute to the friendly ActiveWorlds community by adding resources to AWSource. If you have any favorite VR service (blogs, newsgroup, worlds, Universes etc.) send the link to  and it will get posted.

-Jordi R. Cardona-

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