Vivaty Now Embeddable Everywhere

Today, Vivaty has launched "Vivaty Everywhere": now you can embed your virtual scene into any blog, site, brand or online destination.

This is the press release for this product:

MENLO PARK, Calif, October 29, 2008—Vivaty Inc., today launched Vivaty Everywhere, the company's newest addition to its Web-based virtual world platform.

Already available publicly on both Facebook and AOL's Instant Messenger chat service, Vivaty Everywhere gives anyone the ability to embed visually-rich, social, browser-based virtual experiences into any blog, brand or online destination.

Vivaty Everywhere deepens the company's focus on the distributed Web by making it possible to embed Web-based virtual scenes across a broad range of social networks, communities, brands and online destinations.

Also, two new embeddable scenes are available:

Launching today are two noteworthy embeddable Vivaty scenes from innovative music marketer Universal Music Group and leading political satire company, BarelyPolitical. Like other Vivaty scenes, the themed scenes are embeddable, so fans and bloggers can show their support and socialize around their favorite content on the Web.

Queen + Paul Rodgers Listening Party: Universal Music Group will amplify its "The Cosmos Rocks" album release from Queen + Paul Rodgers with this custom scene, where Queen fans can listen to key tracks from the new album, watch videos, chat, dance and discuss all eras of the band's history.

Barely Political Party: BarelyPolitical will showcase its most popular and recent Obama Girl election videos for fans to share and discuss live.

"Our vision is to make virtual experiences as accessible, engaging and easy to use as a Web page," said Keith McCurdy, Vivaty CEO and co-founder. "Vivaty Everywhere gives brands, fan sites and bloggers a rich, engaging way to inject their sites with social experiences that reflect their media and style choices."

"We are pleased to invite Queen + Paul Rodgers fans to a 24/7 listening party in this visually rich, social experience around a highly anticipated album," said Andie D'Avino, director of online marketing at Universal Music Group. "Making Queen's Vivaty scene embeddable means it's extremely accessible to fans, no matter where they are online."

Initial Vivaty embedded scenes can be found on several Queen fan sites, as well as To embed your own, visit Vivaty on Facebook (, AIM ( or and copy and paste the embed code at the bottom of every publicly available scene. For an embed demo and tutorial, please visit

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