Save Google Lively

One of our readers, known as Oriste, has posted important information in the comments the previous article:

"The Livelyzens (Lively users) are coming together to appeal to Google to keep Lively alive.

Lively is a great platform for interaction as well as creativity. It is easy to use, browser based, embeddable on webpages to bring a 3D experience right on your website. While Lively has been in beta and has limited capability in terms of the objects and avatars available, the Livelyzens have been able to come up with very creative ways to create art from what is available. All this in a "clean" 3D world thanks to Google's vigilance in getting rid of rooms with inappropriate content. More than anything, Lively has become a place to make friends for life – from all over the world with wonderful people.

Please visit our website and participate in the Lively Machinima contest we are conducting to show the creative potential of Google Lively. Please also sign our online petition

We kindly request netizens to support us in reviving a wonderful 3D world that is a kid friendly and a creative space for art and interaction amongst adults."

If you like Lively, spread the word and sign the online petition, as a final effort to keep it alive.

Wishing the best for all these users and their creations,

-Jordi R. Cardona-

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oriste said...

Thank you, Jordi, for your sympathy and support! Much appreciated!

KosmiKGuru said...

Thank you for supporting us and posting the information on your blog !!

Jordi R Cardona said...

Your welcome. I feel it's very sad when a virtual world disappears, so good luck and I hope you can save Lively.

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