News: 3DXplorer 3D screens, Mycosm screenshots, X3D in Blender, SL Places Weekly Contest, and more


Altadyn keeps on surprising us with new releases of 3DXplorer. I was recently in one of their tech webinars and really enjoyed its features.

3DXplorer will soon add a new feature: you will be able to share any application, or your desktop with everybody else in the 3D room by just clicking on the 3D screen. Read it here.


Mycosm Screenshots

Mycosm has shown some screenshots of their upcoming virtual worlds platform. Watch them. Mycosm is a new company that tries to get the maximum realism on their graphic side while ensuring also the fun and social side of virtual worlds.

Blender Now Imports VRML and X3D

Blender can now import VRML and X3D files, which is a very good news for the web standards for 3D, because Blender is one of the most famous open source tools for 3D modeling and animation. This way, Blender achieves full import and export for VRML and X3D.

Recently, I reviewed an excellent book about Blender.

Help Find Great SL Places In Koinup

The Koinup Pathfinder competition is a weekly contest hosted on Koinup. Each week they will select a theme and will ask Koinup members to discover new Sims related to this theme and post them on Koinup.
The two participants which will discover the most Sims will be the winners of the weekly contest and they will get some amazing prizes.

Seamless3D's Lucy Avatar

Lucy avatar has new hair. See it in Seamless3D Forum.


Vivaty Everywhere

In case you missed it, read the article in Hiperia3D News that talks about the new possibility to embed Vivaty everywhere (blogs, web sites, any page).
Also, read it on Vivaty Blog.


Date: from october 25 to november 24


Exhibition of the work that has been done in X-ROBOTICA/X-3DME
. Just go to their website and follow the instructions. Read all about it here.

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Jerry Roggers said...

Web3D platforms is something that is worth a trial, and 3DXplorer is no exception. I'm not doing quite well yet with this product, but my first encounter amazed me.

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