Netbooks For Christmas

Netbooks are the third kind of computer that you may have. They are small computers that seem a laptop but are not too much bigger that your hand. They are small, light, not expensive, and allow you to take them with you in a very comfortable way.

netbook eeepc small size

They are limited compared to a desktop PC, but they are very useful for many tasks:

  • Check your e-mail and browse the web much better than with a PDA, in the same way that you do with your desktop or laptop computer, with the same or similar applications.
  • Play emulators, flash games, or virtual worlds with low requirements.
  • Take your Netbook PC to the bed, to your balcony, or to a cafe or bar, to the library, to the bus... with much more ease than a laptop, as it weights much less and fits into any place.
  • Write documents, post to your blog, administer your websites, manage your accounts. Almost everything that you do that does not require a powerful hardware.
  • Use it to read documents, as e-book reader, with the added value compared to any e-book hardware reader that you can edit the docs with it and it's much more cheaper.

netbook windows
This makes them a perfect gift for Christmas. It is much better and cheaper than buying a PDA or some mobile phones (that are not optimal for all this, and have tiny screens). So before buying one of these, consider buying a Netbook.

netbook limux ubuntu os 
It can become your second PC, that you can take everywhere you go, and carry it in your hands, in the pocket of a backpack, or in a handbag.

Where To Find Netbooks

Netbooks are available on most computer stores. There are also many on Amazon, and you can check the selection of some of the best ones in our Amazon Store, some with Windows as OS, and others that use Linux (Ubuntu, mainly). Most of them are $350 only.

If you consider a netbook as a Christmas gift or just want to make yourself a gift, Amazon can deliver it to your home worldwide.

-Jordi R. Cardona-

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