Just Released: Organize Your 3D Conference With Altadyn's Online Meeting

Altadyn, the developer of 3DXplorer, today announced the release of its new product, Online Meeting, included in its newest update of 3DXplorer, version 4.2.

This new release allows you to share your desktop, and organize webinars, web conferences, and real-time courses.

Online Meeting contains all the elements of a typical remote conferencing -- like shared presentations, instant messaging, and live conversation through Skype.
And in addition, Online Meeting places the event into an interactive 3DXplorer virtual space.

“Online Meeting offers a great alternative for companies looking for a unique way to capture interest of participants and engage them on a deeper level.
In our experience, when users have more interactive options, the meeting is more entertaining, inclusive, and personal than the standard faire, which participants might approach more passively. Users pay more attention to the proceedings and feel more present in the animated context.”-Altadyn's President, Darius Lahoutifard.

The new addition to 3DXplorer allows for full application or desktop sharing. User content appears on the projection screen in the virtual conference space. Presenter avatars use virtual laser-beam pointers to highlight content during discussion. Participant avatars pose seated in the audience while watching a presentation, and can stand and walk to interact with other guests during breaks.

View sample images of the new Online Meeting and explore more features at www.3dxplorer.com/pages/static/newpages/OM_Overview.html.

3DXplorer users can subscribe to premium Online Meeting services starting at $41 per month. All former free features of the 3DXplorer platform -- for development, authoring, and display for small or mid-size websites -- are still available for free.

To see a full list of what’s new in 3DXplorer version 4.2, please see http://3dxplorer.wordpress.com/2008/11/17/3dxplorer-v42-is-live-online-meetings-easier-account-management-slideshows-animated-3d-objects-seated-avatars-and-more/.

-Jordi R. Cardona-

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