CY Awards: The Oscars Of ActiveWorlds

ActiveWorlds celebrated the CY Awards (Community Awards) yesterday, as announced here some time ago.

The most comparable event in the real world is the Oscars Ceremony. You may find many similarities.

It was a very exciting event. It gathered together more than 177 simultaneous citizens (sometimes even more) and some tourists, that came to see who received the awards for their excellence in the ActiveWorlds community.

The ceremony had not even started when there where more than 70 people on the theater, 1 hour and 30 minutes before it began. A presenter was playing streamed music on a virtual radio, and played AC/DC, Tom Jones and and others. The excitement was growing as people where anxious of the ceremony start.

Then, at the precise minute when it was announced, the Awards began, and Bach Zhaa welcomed all of us. The nominees where presented just like in the Oscars for each one of the many Awards.

The sound of applauses filled the auditorium, confetti fell from the sky and the glamour started. The stadium terraces were packed with people.


Optimus Prime presented Lady Teal as winner of one of the first awards, the Best Leader Award.

These are the words of Lady Teal:

"Thank you ALL so very much! This award really means the world to me. Can not take all the credit for this award, because no leader does great things, without a great group of people working with him or her. I am blessed to have such a wonderful group of people in both the Gatekeepers Organization and the Cy Commitee that make me look so good" - Lady Teal

The Awards lasted for all night, and there was a party after them. This Sunday morning, there were still some people dancing and celebrating.

Soon, the full list of winners will be published in the CY Awards site, so watch out to read it all.

All the scenery where they take place each year is rather big and awesome. The facilities are enormous, with a big party hall, fountains, big statues and fountains, big buildings, offices....


I was also very impressed by the good relationships between citizens, with no doubts encouraged by these CY Awards. It's even more amazing that all this is organized by the citizens themselves, like most of the activities in ActiveWorlds.


I recommend everyone to attend the next CY Awards. You'll find an exciting event, a glamorous party, and an excellent ambient of friendship that welcomes everyone.

-Jordi R. Cardona-

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