What Is A Subscription? What Is A Feed?

A subscription is a FREE service to keep you updated. And, simplifying, a feed is a file that updates when something new is added to a website.

These files tell you about things like: new posts in a blog, new photos on Flickr, new videos uploaded to YouTube...

In the case of Hiperia3D News, you can subscribe by RSS Feed or by email for free, and when a new article is posted, you will know it because you will receive an email (if you subscribe by email) or will read the new headers if you use a feed reader application.

Feeds can be loaded and read in different ways:

  • Through web pages like iGoogle, MyYahoo, Netvives...
  • Through standalone applications like RSSOwl and others that are called "feed readers".
  • Through many other ways (browser plugins, etc).
If you prefer the standalone app alternative, I can recommend you RSSOwl. This software keeps a register of what you read and what not, and is easy to use. That way you don't miss any of the articles of your favorite websites.
RSSOwl uses Java, so it can be run on Windows, Mac, and Linux. I have tested many other applications, and this is the best.

When you read the new headers of news in RSSOwl or your favorite feed reader, just click or double-click the headers and you'll be taken to our website so you can read the articles.

The other way to subscribe is by email. You'll receive an email each time a new article is posted.

All types of subscriptions are free, and allow to stay always tuned.

Now that you know what it is, subscribe to Hiperia3D News in your feed reader for free.

Or do you prefer to subscribe by email? Then click here.

Please ask any doubts in the comments.

-Jordi R. Cardona-

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