News: Facebook Ban, SmallWorlds, Custom Content On Lively, And MuveMoot08

Facebook Bans People For Using Second Life Names
Facebook has started to ban people because it seems they don't like that people use virtual names for their profiles.
Read this in Reuters, Scobleizer, and the Secondlife Newspaper.

Facebook, SL Users do it with good intention. Image by Marlen Slazar

This is something I can't understand, because everyone knows that many people may have a profile on Facebook under their SL names. The identification with their avatars is very intense amongst SL users, and also in other virtual worlds users.

I know that Facebook is a professional network, but they could do some exception to this and maybe add a special kind of "virtual profile" that could be distinguished easily from "real profiles". That would be the way in which Facebook may enter the era of virtual worlds and don't miss this train, instead of banning people for doing something that is natural for them.

Ted Tagami as Vice President Of Business Development At SmallWorlds
SmallWorlds has appointed Ted Tagami, who held the same position in Million of Us, as Vice President of Business Development. Read the news here.

Customizable Content On Lively
If you are on the Association of Virtual Worlds, you may have read this news. Basically, it says that Lively is slowly adding some customizable options to some objects, and also adding the possibility of making derivate products from them.
I have also heard that Lively may be specializing in small 3D games, but this is not confirmed.

"The Evilution of Communication" by Torley Linden

At SIGGRAPH 2008 a meeting on Multi User Virtual Environments (MUVEs) and social networking took place. Read the report. It's interesting for all the specialists in the sector.

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