News: A Bot Interview, AvaStar Says Goodbye, Kambi Engine, And Lucky Luke

Intelligent Bot
Elbot, brainchild of Fred Roberts at Artificial Solutions in Germany, won the Loebner Prize for artificial intelligence that is awarded to the chatbot that shows more conversational skills. The winer is the bot that is more easily confused with an human.

Talk to me, bot. Photo by Torley Linden

Read an interview with the bot here, published in New Scientist Tech. Discovered through Gaby Benkwitz.

The AvaStar Disappears
The AvaStar says goodbye, and this is very bad news for many Second Life users and evryone interested in virtual worlds. I'm sorry of having to give this news. The reason, following AvaStar, is that they have accomplished their mission. Anyway, go there and tell them how you appreciated their site.

3DXplorer Worlds
The Official 3DXplorer Blog has published two articles in which they link to worlds that you may enjoy visiting:
Lucky Luke's village in 3DXplorer

Kambi VRML Game Engine
Kambi VRML Game Engine has reached version 1.5 and the new improvements include KambiScript, a simple scripting language, invented specially for this engine. It's powerful enough for many tasks, you can process all VRML and X3D data types with it (including vectors, matrices, arrays, images).

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