Netbeans 10th Birthday Celebration

Hiperia3D News is a Netbeans Community Partner, in recognition for developing the X3DV Module Suite and contributing to the promotion of Netbeans.

So it's an honor for me to announce that Netbeans celebrates its 10th birthday. They will highlight some of the key initiatives and individuals whose contributions and dedication have kept the NetBeans momentum going strong. There will be unique content—video greetings, community profiles and more— starting October 20 - 27.

Also, in the NetBeans Decathlon there will be ten interactive activities that let NetBeans users show and share what the NetBeans project means to them. Participants will be entered to win a cool limited edition NetBeans T-shirt. Stay tuned for details of the Decathlon and the official birthday kickoff.

Remember that the Netbeans World Tour is also going, and you can look at the dates and places here, to see which is closer to you.

-Jordi R. Cardona-

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