Eight 3D Applications

MakeHuman: Make human models with ease. Pose them and modify all their parts. A free tool. Exports to COLLADA and OBJ.

Room Arranger: This affordable tool became very popular because it can export as VRML so you can design a floor plan of a room and navigate it in 3D.

Web3D Translators: Translation tools for converting between VRML and X3D formats.

Read The Words: Free web application that reads the text document that you upload with a 3D avatar in video. Good VR for people with disabilities.

Wirefusion: Complete commercial solution for X3D and VRML that can export your work as a java applet. It can also optimize CAD models.

Virtual Flower: Make random flowers and see them grow. The models are exportable as VRML.

HVRC LOD Tool: Application that will assist you in the task of creating VRML LOD levels (level of detail at a certain distance of the object).

VRML Toolbox: Unfortunately, VapourTechnologies has disappeared, but the tools they made for VRML are still alive: Dizzy, an axis-angle rotation calculator; Peek, a Viewpoint node calculator; Twister, a calculator for Euler to axis-angle rotation conversion; and SpinDoctor, a general-purpose 3D vector/rotation calculator.

-Jordi R. Cardona-

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