The Annotated VRML Reference 2.0 Manual

The Annotated VRML 2.0 Reference Manual is a book that contains, as its title says, all the documentation of VRML 2.0, plus notes from experts and curiosities. These notes tell you secrets on how to make the most of your VRML knowledge.

I was given this book as a birthday gift. You may ask why buying a VRML book, now that we are starting using X3D, and X3D is the future.
The reason is that X3D in classical VRML encoding (.x3dv files) are almost the same as VRML. So this book tips and tricks are useful for X3D coders too (And still many people use VRML, in addition).

To see what the book is, you can browse its online version here:

You will see that it is the VRML Reference, that is always useful for programming in VRML. I use it constantly to see the default values of nodes, their type, etc. Sometimes, when I didn't know how to do something, I had a look to this book to get new ways to do it.

Then comes the second question... why have I bought the printed book? Because reading a book on the screen is very uncomfortable, as it harms the eyes. Having it printed allows you to take it everywhere and read it where you like.

The book is available in Amazon, that's where mine was. I live in Europe and the book came from the USA, so I was expecting that it would arrive 8 weeks later, but was in my house only 1 week after shipped. Anyway, the usual time is 1 month for international shipping.
In Amazon there are many interesting books like this. In many of them, there is the option to buy them new or almost new but used. The used books are usually in good conditions.

Some books, like this one, are also eligible for FREE Super Saver Shipping on orders over $25.

I have purchased some things from Amazon, and I liked the service. That's why I decided to make an Amazon Store for Hiperia3D
(the link to it is the sidebar too). There, I use to put the articles I find interesting for people like us.

This book comes with a CD that contains all the online version of the book, so if you get it you get both the printed book and a copy of the online version. I think I did a good deal when I got it, so I recommend it to you all.

-Jordi R. Cardona-

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