What Happened These Days In Virtual Worlds

What happened to virtual worlds between the end of August and the first days of September? Many things, and here you are the most vital ones for virtual worlds users (and yes, for developers too).

In our will of making simple what is complex, here's a quick summary. To expand the information just follow the links. Don't miss the videos!

Second Life News

Shadows on Second Life. Photo by Torley Linden
  • Mono has been added to Second Life, and it's basically an improvement to SL scripting. This way, more can be achieved and will run faster. Read this article, and the SL Wiki about Mono, that includes videos.

Vivaty News
  • Vivaty is now runnable on Firefox 3. Just visit your Facebook or AIM profile and enter the Vivaty application while using Firefox 3 and follow the instructions that will appear. Read about this and other improvements like dancing moves and gifts in their blog.

  • Vivaty is going to expand beyond Facebook and AIM. In fact, their will is to expand to the entire web, making Vivaty worlds embeddable anywhere.
    Reuters/Second Life » Vivaty To Expand Beyond Facebook and AIM

  • Stay tuned for the upcoming interviews that will be published here on Hiperia3D News with relevant members of Vivaty.

Altadyn's (3DXplorer) Virtual Worlds For Corporate Sites

Altadyn Altadyn, the developer of 3DXplorer, announced the invention of “Meet in 3D”, which is a service for corporate websites that consists in a button that visitors can click and then enter a 3D scene that is customized to the needs of your business. There are promotional bundless at interesting prices available, that can be seen here. The promotional bundles will be offered on a time-limited basis, starting with the launch on September 3, 2008 and ending on September 30, 2008.

Just Leap In, New VW Platform

"Just Leap In", a new platform for 3D worlds, has come and after downloading a 8 MB client software, you are able to create your 3D space.
Virtual Worlds News: Just Leap In Developing 3D, Browser-Based World

VastPark Opensource

VastPark will release an opensource client and server platform. They've scheduled the first release to come out this year as a desktop version with source code and they plan on demonstrating the web-based version in March 2009. Read this:

New Flash Virtual World

Journeys Soft launched the public alpha of their virtual worlds, built with Flash. For those who don't know it, an alpha is a very early version of a software.

There On Mac, Facebook And IM

There.com will be available for Mac, and there is a new Facebook application, and also an instant messenger. Read the story here: Virtual Worlds News: There.com Launches Mac Platform.

Twinity In Public Beta

Twinity, a virtual world that replicates the real world, is in open beta. So this is your time to go and test it.

GoWeb3D, Custom Worlds And VW Solutions

Dave Elchoness, the Executive Director of the Association of Virtual Worlds, has founded GoWeb3D, which is a product line, services company, and consultancy that provides low cost to fully custom virtual environments on the web.

Virtual Worlds Innovation Awards Winners

The Virtual Worlds Innovation Awards have been given. See who won which here.

SceneCaster To Support COLLADA

SceneCater announced their will to support COLLADA. Read it here. COLLADA is an interchange file format for 3D, this is, many applications export to collada, and this format is used as a bridge between them.

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Omind said...

Just Leap In is really interesting. It is a good looking place and runs smooth. It has no model uploading capabilities(yet) but has objects that you can add & manipulate. I put a screen shot of the space I have there on my page on the WBandD site

Jordi R Cardona said...

Oh, yes, looks really good. Here's a short link:

Omind said...

A couple of other tips. You need Firefox or IE7 for this. It will not work right with IE6. Works great with Firefox, BTW. Also, it is a MU chat but there doesn't seem to be a way to tell if someone else is in their space. But, as it is new, it will probably be addressed.

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