The New Browsers: Google Chrome, Firefox 3, Internet Explorer 8

These days Chrome, a very lightweight web browser developed by Google, was released. Also, Internet Explorer 8 beta can be downloaded since the end of August. Firefox 3 v3.0 was also released in June.

These 3 new web browser have something in common: a warm feeling. They are browsers that were designed thinking in their usability.

I've been using Firefox 3 since the v3.0 version was released (previously I used Firefox 2, and before that when it was called Phoenix), and I find it's a very fast and stable. Some extensions or add-ons have not been made compatible for FF3 yet, but they will.

I recommend this browser over all the others for these reasons:

  • Has complete customization possibilities. You can change the visual theme, and almost everything.
  • You can browse in tabs at an extreme speed.
  • Extensions can be added, that will allow you to make all kind of things from inside Firefox.
  • Follows the web standards completely.
The only drawback it has in my opinion are the high quantity of RAM it consumes, but it's something logical if you consider the possibilities and quality of this browser.

Google Chrome received some criticism because some possible security issues but it's a very lightweight browser, with neat and warm interface, and very easy to use.

Its installation is a little strange because it is done without downloading, directly through Internet to your computer.

The application opens in just one second, and browses very fast, as quick as Firefox or maybe a bit faster. Google Chrome can import your bookmarks from Firefox or your Internet Explorer favorites.

It's a good option as secondary browser for people that use Firefox, or for systems with low resources (like happens with Kazehakase in Linux). Chrome only uses 24 MB of RAM approximately.

For now, Chrome offers little customization and no add-ons, compared with Firefox.

You can read a very interesting article highlighting some of its features here:

Although the beta of Internet Explorer 8 is out, I did not dare to test it. You can do it here:

I would advise you to wait until the beta is more advanced, to avoid the first problems that will arise. Uninstalling a version of Internet Explorer and reverting to a previous one without problems is tricky.

IE 8 looks really neat, and the great news is that (at last!) they have decided to follow the web standards, so web pages will look the same when viewed with IE than with Firefox.

-Jordi R. Cardona-

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