9 Image And Texture Resources For 3D

Texture Map Of The Week: Although it has not been updated since years ago, it has a big set of quality free textures. See the archive to watch and download them all. You can also watch a preview of render using each of the textures.

Absolute Cross Textures, Simple and quite psychedelic textures that are free for every use. They are not seamless but there are some really remarkable.

Absolute Background Textures: A big amount of textures sorted by color. They're free for personal use.

Free Photo: Free images and photos that require a link back or credit for personal use.

Textures By Gracey: Jan Gracey shows textures that are free for commercial and personal use, created by her. She also sells texture packs. She is a skilled professional photographer that also has another blog that offers stock images that can be used for free for any purpose, but linking or crediting the work, and sells her work at her gallery. An example:

Tartan Maker: Make tartan textures that are good for tables, clothes, etc. Web tool.

Free Textures: These are more free photos than free textures. Their quality and size is really high.

Torley Seamless Textures: Nine packs of seamless textures for 3D and virtual worlds, most of them of surreal style, made by the great virtual artist Torley Linden.

Arroway Textures: Quite cheap commercial texture packs that offer an extreme quality, as seen here. These textures are mainly for buildings.

-Jordi R. Cardona-

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