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There are a lot of things that happened or crossed our way this week. Some are blasts from the past, others are things that are now happening, and others will leave their mark on the future.

From The Past

3D Video:
Check this awesome 3D animation video with superb music:

Reviewing the past: SCOL:
Looking to the past makes you learn lessons through time. This interview at Web3D-France with the creator of SCOL, is a good way to know more about that platform for virtual worlds that was born much more time ago than those that are now ruling the market.

From The Present

Worldbuilders And Developers:
Bruce Lehmann has created a new community for worldbuilders. Described as "a group for world builders to post links and other info focused on VRML and X3D, but any other platform is welcome too". Join now here:
Hiperia3D has joined, and we display their badge in our sidebar. We'll review it deeper soon, but for now, don't hesitate to join and share and discuss anything that you, as a 3D web developer and worldbuilder, are interested about.

X3D and related projects are being deeply showcased at SIGGRAPH. On next Wednesday August 13, there will be a tech talk about X3D and how it is the real-time 3D solution for the Web. There will be very important presenters like Tony Parisi (Vivaty), Don Brutzman (X3D-Edit) or Peter Schickel (Bitmanagement)

Video: 2008 Metaverse Tour
Gary Hayes, from Personalize Media, publishes a video and his reflections about most of the virtual worlds he visited. Read it here. In this video, he goes through more than 50 virtual worlds, from Traveller to SecondLife. In fact, an excellent intro for them all.

Who are you really?
The Virtual Version publishes a very interesting poll about your identity and your avatar: what is your relationship between you and your virtual ego.

From The Future

Second Life Community Convention:
The SLCC is comming. It will be on September 5 until September 7, 2008, in Tampa (Florida - USA). More info on their website: Don't miss it.
This event is added to our Calendar Of Worldwide 3D Events.

Photo by Torley Linden

Virtual Worlds Innovation Awards:
Virtual Worlds Management announces the Virtual Worlds Innovation Awards, to recognize top innovators at the Virtual Worlds Expo in Los Angeles on September 3-4, 2008.
Virtual Worlds Management is a key site in virtual worlds. So keep an eye on it, and check what the winners will be, as they will surely be people that will shock the 3D scene in the next years.

-Jordi R. Cardona-

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