ShapeWays 3D Design Challenge Contest

ShapeWays, mentioned in the previous post, organizes a contest for 3D content creators. Top 10 finalists will be showcased at SIGGRAPH (August 11-15th, LA (USA) ). Grand prize winner will win 500$ in ShapeWays products.

This contest is called "Bring your 3D into reality".

You don't have to buy your model to enter the contest. ShapeWays will create the models and bring them to SIGGRAPH.

Submit your works from July 29, 2008 to August 7, 2008. Top 10 finalist will be announced August 11, and the Grand Prize Winner on August 15.

To submit your works, do what is explained in the press release:

Go to Shapeways Account:
1. Upload Object Design (STL, Collada, X3D)
2. Upload a rendering representing the finalized object
3. Enter the tag "SIGGRAPHContest"
(Users Can Sign-up For Shapeways BETA at with BETA code:

This is a great opportunity to see your STL, COLLADA or X3D models showcased at SIGGRAPH.

-Jordi R. Cardona-

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