Caligari trueSpace 7.6 For Free And Much More

Caligari Corporation offers their 3D suite trueSpace 7.6 FOR FREE from their website. This may be by itself a great opportunity to get a professional 3D modeling and animation suite, but there is much more.

Our reader, Omind, who has a deep knowledge in 3D modelers, has posted a message to our group in the Association Of Virtual Worlds that said that trueSpace was being given for free.

You just have to go to Caligari's site and download it. You'll be asked to sign up, and after that they'll give you the download links for the software package (130 MB), some tutorial videos (132 MB), and a manual (51 MB).

trueSpace interface. Click to enlarge.

trueSpace is a well-known 3D suite. It has been offered for free for ActiveWorlds citizens is version 3, and in the past Caligari have released for free their old versions in some occasions, but this time they offer the last one: 7.6

In their website you'll also find many video courses for free, a guided tour, a forum to share tips and ask things, and truePlaces.

truePlaces are online meeting places where people using Calligari trueSpace can meet, talk, and show their work. To enter, you must use the nickname and password that you chose when you registered your free copy of trueSpace.

Don't hesitate and download and test your free copy of trueSpace:

-Jordi R. Cardona-

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Alain said...

"Be the first to comment! "

LOL I am :)

indeed I just downloaded it and try to learn it

I wonder if it has lightmaps working , I will see , I want that these days :)

Omind said...

Here's a tip. When you first launch it it will be in the "Workspace" window. There are tabs on the upper right. You will probably want to go the "Model" tab. Depending on your computer's power the "Workspace" window can be very laggy on your machine. Once you are in the "Model" interface things speed up. Also, you can switch to Version 6 with a tab if you're more familiar with that.

Jordi R Cardona said...

Alain, you've been quick!

Thanks Omind for the tip.

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