Art Of Illusion, Free 3D Modeling Software

Art of Illusion is the favorite 3D modeler of many people . It is licensed GPL, so you can use the models that you make with it for commercial or personal use.
The main feature of Art of Illusion is that it's very intuitive and easy to use. You just need to follow the beginners tutorials and you can start modeling.

Its interface is not standard, but it's so simple and easy to remember that it's not a problem.

Art Of Illusion can export as Wavefront OBJ (which many applications use), POVRay (the popular renderer), and also exports in VRML, and its models are easily optimized with Chisel.

Some people tend to recommend low level modelers that need a long time to learn them. You just have to decide if what you are doing requires such a modeler. For 3D art and movies it may be necessary, but for Internet use, it's not.

Once you've taken the first steps with Art Of Illusion, modeling can become as easy as drawing, specially if you use a graphics tablet.

It's specially useful for VRML/X3D. Models for Internet need to be lighter, and Art Of Illusion, used with Chisel, is a good solution.
But as it exports in OBJ you can also use it for almost everything, including modeling objects for Poser, which imports OBJ, or Vue.

-Jordi R. Cardona-

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Omind said...

I have a webpage with reviews of the various 3D Modeling programs out there. It is aimed twoards the amature modeler/builder. They are listed from the free ones to the really expensive. It is geared twoards building for VRML but includes alot of others. I am now in the process of updating it now. It's at:

Jordi R Cardona said...

You did an excellent work with that index of applications. I recommend it. Thanks.

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