Update: Mr. Phillip At MixED

The exhibition of Mr. Phillip Sand Hansel II, sponsored by MixED, that was announced some time ago in another post. It is going to start tomorrow, this time hosted at VR4All.

The exhibition will start tomorrow, June 25, and will be online for 2 months.

But the meeting party will be on VR4All on Saturday June 28, at 20:00 GMT (ECT/UTC). Look in our sidebar to check the World Clock.

Where will it be? On VR4All:

You can enter with any nickname you choose. Don't fill any password. Use BSContact as browser plugin. VR4All is a VRML 3D Chat solution similar to Blaxxun.

Another good news is that the Worldbuilders Guild, the website of Mr.Phillip, is back online:

-Jordi R. Cardona-

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