Other Planets And Virtual Worlds

Many worldbuilders, in some moment, have thought in creating a world located in a distant planet outside our Solar System, or maybe in our neighbour planet Mars. How would those worlds look? What is the color of their skies, seas and rivers? What strange animals may live in their lands?

Exoplanetology is a blog that talks about what science knows about those worlds. This site can be a source of inspiration for building these kind of works. Exoplanetology is the science that studies the planets outside the Solar System and life in them.

Exploring its articles
, there are a variety of small treasures for us, like videos of documentaries. I also found a software that is in development and will be realeased this month, exoExplorer. It's a software to visualize exoplanets and walk through them in an immersive 3D environment.

Screenshot of exoExplorer

And that takes us to the last site, the home of exoExplorer, and where you'll find news from the study of life in other planets:

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