List Of 12 Cool VRML Websites

Earthling: There are many things to watch in this website. From retro-games to flash movies. But the most interesting one is the VRML worlds, that are very fast to load. Some of them show very original visual effects, and others can give you good ideas for inspiration.

Virtual Insects: Collection of insects in VRML.

WebEarth: Mark Pesce (the father of VRML alongside with Tony Parisi) created this project that shows the Earth as it looks now as watched from satellites today. There are also other space objects to watch like the Moon, Venus, Mars and Jupiter.

Worldbuilders Guild: Created by Mr. Phillip, this is a website full of VRML tutorials so you can learn many things about Blaxxun platform for virtual worlds, VRML, and Cybertown avatars.

LouiZeForum: Keep informed of what's hot on VRML/X3D and Blaxxun. Discuss about 3D topics and many other things.

MixED: It's a very original concept that consists in organizing worldbuilders exhibitions, and publishing interviews. In French and English. Read a review on what is MixED here. There's also a list of resources with more links.

Seamless3D: Seamless3D is the ultimate software for creating VRML/X3D models and single mesh avatars. These avatars can be used in Blaxxun worlds. Smooth animations and complete freedom of creation. The avatars generated can be humanoid or not, as show in this one, created by Bumpy.

This software was created by Graham Perrett, also known as Thyme. Spend some time in his website, read the tutorials, try the program, join the forums. It's really worth, if you are interested in VRML/X3D.

Thyme is also a very skilled worldbuilder. His worlds, specially Techuelife Island, are the proof of this. He masters both modeling and animation, and he's probably the one of the most skilled programmers of the 3D universe.

Also remember to visit Thyme's list of Resources.

Anima3D VRML Worlds: Excellent combination of VRML and scripting in some fun games.

Andrea Rogers: Andrea is a multimedia artist that creates music, images, photos, and 3D worlds, sometimes combining it all in fantasies that emerge from her imagination.

Erny's Index Of VRML Worlds: Erny is one of my favorite worldbuilders. It is unusual that one person combines the artistic taste with technical dexterity. Erny is a complete worldbuilder that has both skills. I'll cover his work in a future review.

For now, enjoy the amazing list of almost all the worlds of the Outers that many different worldbuilders did, and Erny gathered together in this page.

-Jordi R. Cardona-

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