Habitat: The First Virtual World

F. Randall Farmer has made public a promotional video of the first virtual world. Farmer is one of the co-creators of the first virtual world, Lucasfilm's Habitat.

He has a blog in which he continues to analyze his experiences and also the current events in virtual worlds, with the light that experience gives (Habitat Chronicles).

Randal Farmer announced this video in the Association Of Virtual Wolrds, in this article.

If you still don't know what the Association Of Virtual Worlds is, read this:

If you want to extend your knowledge about Habitat, you can also read the document that he made about the lessons that their creators learned building and running this virtual world.

In our list of "who was the first" we should add others, like the first multiuser 3D first person shooter game(simulated) was Maze Wars. Also, Habitat was 2D, but had many of the features that virtual worlds have. Later, some 3D multiuser virtual worlds platforms emerged, like Blaxxun, ActiveWorlds and Traveller.

The place to know more about this is http://www.vwtimeline.org/, where you'll find a timeline and many interesting data about all this stuff.

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