4 Sources Of Free 3D Models

Free 3D Models:
Many free 3D Models to download, of furniture, vehicles, plants and others.

There are many high quality trains, aircrafts, ships (including a galleon) and cars.

Avatara: Avatars that can be used in Blaxxun's multiuser VRML worlds. There are humans, animals, vehicles, dinosaurs and more. The shapes are not too complex but are fast and fun to use as avatars in multiuser worlds.

VRML Models: Decent VRML models from different sources. Animals, mainly insects, an elephant and some other. The license of these models is not specified, although I think most of them are on the public domain.

SAVAGE: Enormous archive of dynamic 3D military models, all open source and in X3D. There are also code examples in X3D for building HUDs and other things that may be useful in worldbuilding, and some tools.

-Jordi R. Cardona-

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