Build X3D Worlds For Free With Flux Studio

Flux Studio is now Vivaty Studio. Although the links to Flux Studio may remain live some time, I recommend you to download Vivaty Studio, as it keeps the same features and adds many more. Read about Vivaty Studio and the developers program Vivaty Create here.

Mediamachines did this wonderful and complete application to develop X3D (and VRML) worlds visually, without having to code. It allows people that don't feel conformable with coding to do beautiful worlds.

But if you have a good understanding of X3D nodes and notions, it will be even easier for you.

I know many people that did great worlds with this free tool. It is based on a previous program that became very famous (Spazz3d, later Vizx3d).

There are some good docs about how to use it in its Wiki page. You can also check the feature list and see all that Flux Studio is able to do.

In the last times, Mediamachines, the business that developed Flux Studio has changed its name to Vivaty. Seems that the virtual worlds server that they were developing has been adapted to make the Vivaty server.

The core of Flux Studio has changed of name and company many times. It may be a good idea to download this great free tool, that is comparable in quality to others in the market that cost several hundred dollars.

-Jordi R. Cardona-

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Anonymous said...

JORDY, I want Vivaty Studio. Where is it ?

Jordi R Cardona said...

It is still available at

Anonymous said...

Vivaty is BETA and full of crashes. Vivaty requires Windows XP+ with ACTIVATION. Last FINAL stable Flux is here: Flux requires Windows Me/2000 WITHOUT activation.

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