7 Good Virtual Worlds Blogs

There are not too many blogs about virtual worlds, but the quality that many of them reach is quite remarkable. When a topic is not too much covered, associating is good. That's why I created a group in BlogCatalog called Bloggers For Virtual Worlds. If you have a blog about virtual worlds, virtual reality, or something related, I invite you to join.

Here are some of the best blogs that I've found. I'm a reader of some of them from a long time ago, to others I'm just a new reader.

The Psychology Of Cyberspace

John Suler is a psychologist that entered into the virtual world of The Palace to study the relationships of people inside it. Soon he was caught by the strong feeling of community they had, and became one of them (he even became a Wizard in The Palace).

The Palace, 2D chat virtual world

If you read his blog and the papers of his studies of The Palace, you'll learn a lot about virtual worlds from a psychological perspective: why people make such an "human" relationship with their computers, why we use avatars and what do they show of our personality,

The Palace is an old 2D graphic chat community. They still have many thousands of users, and it uses to be many hundreds online all days. Although it's not 3D, what you learn of John Suler is applicable to any web community.

3D On The Web: CHEAP!!!

The purpose of this blog was to provide the free resources and info for worldbuilding, but it also has the thoughts and insight of Len Bullard about the Web3D.

One of the creations of Len Bullard: The River Of Life.

Len Bullard is one of the people that were part of the Web3D Consortium and the VRML group from the beginning, and he's also a musician and a composer.

I use to read Len Bullard's blog, as he always gives me interesting things to think about.


MarketSaw is an excellent resource for something that is hard to find: news about real-3D movies. There are also news about virtual reality. He also runs some contests from time to time in which you can win 3D hardware for virtual reality.

Bang those PCs! Virtual reality simulation. Photo by Extra Ketchup.

This is really an unique concept of blog that deserves to be read for all those who love virtual reality and real-3D movies.

Zoe Connolly's Virtual World

Zoe Connolly is, amongst other things, the Owner/Leader of the Second Life Bloggers Group at Ning, an awesome and exclusive community of bloggers that write about Second Life.

Veyron Supercharge on the left, Zoe Connolly on the right. Photo by Veyron Supercharge.

Her blog is a compendium of all the news that are generated in this community. Recently she has stopped updating this blog, but she will continue posting to her other blog.

I hope she will continue with so good quality blogs and such an important community of SL Bloggers. Both are very worthwhile for all the SL inhabitants that look for quality blogging.

Virtually Time

This list continues with another SL blog, this time one full of tips and tricks for this virtual world. As many people fin Second Life very hard to use or understand, this blog has its value in making things much easier.

All kind of tricks from special scripts to how-to guides.

World of Simulation

This blog covers interesting news about virtual reality and software simulations of the real world.

From virtual reality hardware to flight simulators, simulation games or virtual worlds that simulate the real world.

This Virtual World

A good place in which you can read reviews of virtual worlds, news about the existing ones and the new ones that emerge. It also contains articles that verse about cool gadgets and virtual reality hardware.

-Jordi R. Cardona-

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This Virtual World said...

Thank you so much for the kind review Jordi! ;) I like your blog...


Zoe Connolly said...

Thanks for the mention, Jordi!

My Ning Groups will continue along with my main blog Aviatrix :: Zoe Connolly

Jordi R Cardona said...

@Teri, you deserve it! And thanks for reading mine!

@Zoe, your welcome.This is great news, I wish you the best with all your projects.

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