Thousands Of Free 3D Models For Download At Archive3D

Finding quality free 3d models is hard. And finding quality 3d models that can be used for anything, commercial or not, and modified at your will, is near impossible... But here you are a resource with thousands of 3d models for commercial and personal use.

You have complete freedom to use them in commercial projects, and in personal projects too, of course, provided that you don't copy them to your website or redistribute them. You can't sell it, nor make a copy of it and distribute it. People must download the models from

You can also modify them with a modeler software, or make models based on them.

The models are provided in 3DS and GSM formats. There are many categories, but most of the models are architecture and interior design models.

But look carefully to the categories and you'll see that there are animals, musical instruments, vehicles, humans... There is a wide variety of models to download and use for free. is one of the best resources for free 3d models download, based on the terms of use and the high quality of the geometries.

If you want these models in VRML format, you can convert them using CrossRoads or the file converter that you prefer. CrossRoads is a free program that can be freely distributed. A copy can be downloaded from our resources page:

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Unknown said... is a 3D model search engine. You can see the models in 3D on browser.

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