MixED, The Collective 3D Gallery

MixED started his activity recently. It is conceived as a collective 3D art gallery. It's collective because its aim is to show the woks of many worldbuilders in the VRML and X3D scene.

And it's a 3D gallery in which we can visit the artworks of the worldbuilders. As they are talking about 3D worldbuilders, the possibilities are bigger. In addition to reading interviews, you can watch the photos of their worlds, watch videos too, visit their worlds...

It is focused on VRML in the artistic sense. It is in French and English, which makes it accesible for many people.

From time to time, they will organize collective themed exhibition and activities, that focus on a topic. For example, the exhibition that will be the opening of MixED will have as theme "My First Word". It will last from april 25 to june 25 of 2008.

In the first day of each exhibition, there will be a 3D chat party, that is your opportunity to talk with the artists, visit their 3D worlds and ask them all you like about their works.
These meetings will take part in the 3D chats available.

The fist meeting will be on 25 of this month (April) 2008 at 8h PM - GMT/UTC (you can check the UTC hour from time to time in our sidebar clocks.

It will take place in 3DPlanets, a Blaxxun-based VRML chat community. Registration is free. Blaxxun Plugin, for Internet Explorer only, can be downloaded here.

The worldbuilders that will be featured in this exhibition will be: Lionel, Legloups, Marco, McFly (Nuli Ibrahim, recently reviewed here in Hiperia3D News), Nums, and Mirko Vignozzi. They all will show the first works they did when they started in VRML. All them are now popular and remarkable worldbuilders, and great members of the VRML community. You can also read their interviews at MixED.

The exhibitions will last approximately for 2 months, and then they will change the topic or rotate the artists.

They also offer their RSS Feed, which is great so you can always stay up to date with the activities of this promising community. I have subscribed, and I recommend you to subscribe too. They also have links to other communities and many resources.

These all are the reasons that have made me link them permanently here from Hiperia3D (in the sidebar). I long for having more news and updates from this new concept, that is really something original, and demonstrates that the VRML and Web3D community is alive and full of activity.

-Jordi R. Cardona-

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