The Enigmatic Worlds Of Nuli Ibrahim

Nuli Ibrahim, also known in virtual worlds as MC Fly, is an active member of the VRML/X3D community of worldbuilders.

"One of the best aspects of web3d is the collision of sound, visuals, narrative and environment.
The combination of all elements with the artist at the helm is opening the door for a new art form." (Nuli Ibrahim)

He started in Active Worlds, and soon he felt a strong attraction for building fantastic and science-fiction environments. He takes his inspiration from movies, sci-fic books, metal rock and psychedelic music, art and spirituality...

"I was introduced to 3d max from a friend in Active Worlds and this tool allowed me to build environments from scratch. The tool also has a VRML export tool which makes it very easy to export a world." (Nuli Ibrahim)

Fine tuning the VRML export of Max is not easy. So he extended his skills taking a course in San Francisco State University. This lead him to build great sceneries for the Web.

What Nuli Ibrahim finds more interesting in building 3D worlds is the combined art of joining movement, sound and interactivity.

"I've always been creatively inclined, but found that usually sound and visuals are separated.
It was great to see the two areas being combined into one output."(Nuli Ibrahim)

He uses many tools to build his worlds, from audio to image editing, modelers, and virtual worlds editors. In his website, he lists the tools that he used to build his worlds.

You can visit his worlds in his domain:

International3D Rooftop

This was one of the worlds that we visited in the Virtual 3D Tour of Friday 15th. I must say I enjoyed the visit very much. This world has a mix of interesting effects that make it unique. All of us spent a long time there, exploring it.

The visitor appears inside an elevator, and enters in a wide room with monitors on the left and a world map on the right. When you click the monitors, the sky changes. It's a fantasy that makes you believe that from this room, you control the whole world.

In one of the sides there are some stairs that lead to the terrace. There you can have a full view of the sky that you have chosen. The tall buildings in this sample make a strong feeling of vertigo.

The humorous part of this scenery is the flying van, that also appears in the next world.

Pink's Terrain 01: CubeHead Lake

This is a world inspired by Pink Floyd music. You arrive to an awesome landscape surrounded by mountains, with a big lake in the center.

After some time, something in the sky will surely catch your attention...

"Been watching a little too much Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and Bladerunner.....and Up In Smoke!" (Nuli Ibrahim)

Pink's Terrain 02 : Moonies on Pink's Terrain

More Pink Floyd influence, and the sci-fic references are obvious. A really psychedelic world, where flying alien ships travel across the sky.


This is one of the most enigmatic worlds that Nuli has done. Since the beginning of my arrival there, something reminded me of Moebius, the fantasy and comics artist.

"Moebius along with Heavy Metal comics and graphic novels has been an enormous inspiration.I also associate music very strongly with comics and also with the Vrml I made." (Nuli Ibrahim)

It's strange but the complex spherical building reminds also some of the classical movies of the last decades: the planet of Superman, the white universe of the Matrix... In some way, the author has put a piece of all that together into a 3d enigma.


This world is not completed yet, but it looks promising. Again, the sci-fic influence is patent. While walking through the corridor, all those movies get back to our memory.

The elevator awaits at the end. Where will it take us to?

The worlds of Nuli Ibrahim

Don't hesitate and pay a visit to Nuli Ibrahim's worlds. You'll be transported to worlds where all is possible, where imagination is triggered by the mystery of the unknown.

A 650-621 enables one to study 70-630 as well as 70-282 without any expert guidance. Later an added credit of 642-432 qualifies one for the complex E20-001 as well.

-Jordi R. Cardona-

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Anonymous said...

Rest In Peace Ka Nuli, We all love you.

Jordi R Cardona said...

Why rest in peace? Has he died?? :(

Anonymous said...

Yes RIP recently in SF Bay Area.
Love You. Uncle Han

Jordi R Cardona said...

So sorry. We will always remember him :(

Anonymous said...

Rest in Peace Nuli
i will always remember you...
miss you kak...


tori sudarsono said...

rest in peace Nuli..I will always remember you...Nuli Idol

Brono said...
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Anonymous said...

Rest in Peace, Ka Nuli. Miss & Love.

Anonymous said...

RIP K'Nuli... (Bruce,Mida&Soraya)

Mace and Mi said...

Hey-I am an old friend of Nuli's I just found out he passed, but I heard it was very recent. Can anyone tell me what happened? I can be emailed at Thanks for any info

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