Post Results: "What is more important in a 3D world?"

The poll "What is more important in a 3D world?" has ended days ago, and the results were:

Ambient Sound: 0%
Good Graphics: 40%
Good Interactivity: 40%
Warm Feeling: 20%

In these results we can see that the graphics are valued in the same amount as interactivity when a person must choose between them. Indeed, I think that graphics are important but the user must have something to do inside our worlds, so he/she doesn't get bored.

The warm feeling was also voted, and I agree, as I think that the user must feel comfortable and safe inside a virtual world. Many people go to virtual worlds when they have ended their work hours and want to relax. Also, something that I have sensed many times is that the ambient of multiuser virtual worlds influences the conversations, that often become hostile in cold and ugly environments. In contrast, in warm and beautiful environments, conversations become more friendly.

The ambient sound is not taken in so much consideration, and I think it's an error. Sound makes a great sense of immersion. Just try to watch a film without sound. A virtual world doesn't need a lot of sounds. With just one or two looping ambient sounds like water, wind or birds, you can really increase the feeling of immersion.

What do you think about all this? Feel free to comment your thoughts in the comments.

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-Jordi R. Cardona-

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Anonymous said...

Ambient sounds are very important to me. Its only the large file sizes that stop me from adding all kinds of background sound. I agree with the impact of sound on hollywood. The best movies have the best soundtracks. And a lousy soundtrack can ruin an excellent movie -- lady hawk (the one with Michelle Pfeiffer). One of my favorites
is Heavy Metal which is a fine
marriage of music and visuals.

Jordi R Cardona said...

Oh yes I agree. What many people do is create looping sounds, using for example Audacity (that is free).
You can use a looping sound of birds, wind or water, and then use your sound software to cut it. Then add fade in and fade out to the beginning and end.
With this you get a small ambient sound file, that can be looped.
Also consider some dramatic sounds in some parts of the world. For example a door creaking.

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