Massive VRML Chat Meeting Today

Today Friday 15th at 8:40 pm (CET - Central European Time = UTC+1hour), will be a meeting of worldbuilders and enthusiasts of VRML chats in 3D.

The announcement sais it is for "vrml based chat enthusiasts, veterans and young blood, (re-)visiting old and new worlds, moderated and broadcasted via life TV(-blog) show".

If you reside outside Europe, it may be good for you to look at this website and check the hour difference:

This is the forum where it was presented:

Registration requires approval from administrator, so it's late to enter the competition. Anyway, I think that if you have some world done in the Blaxxun Outers, you can just open it, and people will come.

Here you are some of the examples of worlds that you can see there:

This is a world by Erny, one of the best worldbuilders out there. And these are screenshots of the works of Lobotomy, another great VRML worldbuilder:

I will open my own world, and I invite you to join. You just need to use Internet Explorer and install the Blaxxun Contact plugin, which is the needed software to enter the 3d chat.

Just install this and enter through my world, Hiperia:

I'll try to announce these kind of things sooner in the future. It was posted yesterday to comp.lang.vrml. But the meeting was spontaneous. Maybe we could talk tonight to make it more regular or organize ourselves to propagate the news sooner.

Remember, and don't miss it:

8:40 pm (CET - Central European Time = UTC+1hour)

-Jordi R. Cardona-

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