X3DV Module Suite For Netbeans IDE

Current Version: 2.0
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The X3DV Module Suite
is a free set of modules to code in X3D and VRML, the open standards for interactive and immersive 3D on Internet. With it, you can create virtual worlds in 3D, using the great edition features of Netbeans.3d x3d vrml editor 

SourceForge Project (download, forum, bugs, support):


The install process is described in a txt file inside the zip packages.


Netbeans IDE. Download it here.

Suite Includes:

  • Language and files support for X3DV
  • Language and files support for VRML
  • Code Palette for X3DV

Feature List:

  • You can edit and create new X3DV files inside Netbeans.
  • With the 2.0 version, you can also create and edit VRML world files.
  • Brackets and quotes completion.
  • Icons for X3DV files and VRML files.
  • Syntax coloring that makes editing easier.
  • A practical palette of x3dv code that will make you build worlds faster.
  • A button to show the palette.


LGPL, thus free for commercial and personal use. You can also incorporate it as part of a personal or commercial project.If you are a developer, respect the LGPL license, and report any improvement you make to the modules.

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Product Detail:

Netbeans is one of the main free programming editors in the market. It can be used to program in many computer languages (PHP, Java, C++...). 
On the other side, VRML and X3D allow you to create 3D virtual worlds.

The Netbeans X3DV Module Suite is for editing X3D inside Netbeans, in classic VRML encoding (with .x3dv extension). The classic VRML encoding is very easy to read and understand.

You can install all the modules, or just those that you like, as they are independent.
An extended explanation of the Module Suite is available here.

-Jordi R. Cardona-

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