What Is Twitter?

Twitter is a micro-instant messenger, or a micro-blogging tool, or both, depending on how you use it.
You can send small messages to Twitter, and read the messages of other users too. Those messages are not longer than 140 characters.

When Twitter appeared, many saw that it was something new and full of potential, but there was no real use for it. But now, if you know how to use it, Twitter can be an useful tool for any web user.

The best way to use Twitter is grouped with Firefox and TwitterFox (an add-on for Firefox).

I have also tested many standalone clients for Twitter, and the best one (because of its ease of use) is Witty. It is very similar to TwitterFox but as it is standalone, you don't need to have Firefox or other web browser opened.

Both TwitterFox and Witty can can help you to:
- Know when your contacts are online.
- Know what they're doing in real time.
- Send them messages, private or public.

 What Twitter is not

Twitter is not a website promotion tool. Spamming and scamming through Twitter is useless. Trying to promote your site or products on Twitter is ineffective.

This is for 2 reasons: it is very easy to block someone that disturbs you, and Twitter closes those accounts that try to spam.

How To Block Someone In Twitter

You can recognize a spammer for some signs: follows hundreds or thousands of people but has few followers. In the right side of his/her twitter page, there is a text link that says "block". Just click on it to block this annoying user.

Usage Tips

  • I recommend that you block every spammer that follows you on Twitter. This way, you stop the spreading of these users.
  • Also, let others follow you but don't follow them if you're not really interested in what they say.
  • When in doubt, block.
  • Prefer quality of communications over quantity. Twitter can easily become crowded with conversations.

-Jordi R. Cardona-

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