What Are X3D And VRML?

I've named X3D between the topics of this site. Sometimes you may also read that I name VRML.

In case you don't know what they are, let's start just talking about those two languages.

VRML is an easy language created to describe a 3D scene, where you can move and do things like you do in the real world, similar to a 3d computer game. Scenes are called "worlds" in VRML.
Many of nowadays' virtual worlds have their roots on VRML.
Clicking some things in a VRML 3d world makes you go to another 3d world.

VRML has evolved through time, and improved, and changed its name to X3D. X3D has many things in common with VRML, plus the improvements of modern graphics, and many new features.

You may read somewhere defamatory comments about VRML, and maybe in some future there may be some about X3D. But the fact is that they are only originated because both VRML and X3D are open standards that are free to use.
So I think other commercial solutions have attacked VRML in the past in benefit of their proprietary products.

VRML and X3D have many uses in medicine, industry, architecture, science...

A good place to start learning X3D is Web3d.org, the Web3D Consortium. In future articles I will post more information about X3D.

-Jordi R. Cardona-

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Anonymous said...

might be worth including;

x3d is functionally a super-set of vrml, so vrml can be translated into x3d.


x3d is encoded in xml, where vrml used a dedicated encoding. (the vrml encoding was designed to be readable and editable by hand.)


x3dv, is x3d encoded in like vrml, so x3dv looks like vrml only with a different header and more features (if used.)

Jordi R Cardona said...

Yes Anonymous, all that you say is well stated, and very precise.

The reason to not explain it that way is that this article is written for those that don't know vrml, and are not familiar with x3d.

For those who are experienced like you, it is perfect to add what you say.

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