Hiperia3D News reviews only good quality products. Bad products are simply not accepted, that's why there aren't negative reviews.
To be reviewed, your product must be relevant to our audience. Must be 3D-related, or be useful in some sense to people that deal with 3D, animation, texturing, modeling, render, digital art, virtual worlds, geometry, computers, or similar. In case of doubt, ask. 

For any offer, contact me at any of my e-mails:

Book Review
I currently make book reviews for Packt Publishing and No Starch Press. I am also member of the DZone Review Team.
I can review books for you publishing company. In exchange, send me a review copy in phisical or pdf format.

Software Review or 3D Product Review
I may do a review of a software application or any other 3D product in exchange for a license, or a copy of the 3D product.

Affiliate Networks / Affiliate Programs
Hiperia3D News will join any affiliate program that may be relevant for our audience and matches a good quality. Our articles usually have affiliate links, but always to products of great quality and related to our readers.
I am member of several affiliate networks. Just ask.

Be An Affiliate Of My Renderosity Store
You can do it just joining the Renderosity affiliate network. Link to my products using your affiliate number and you will earn money everytime someone purchases my products or the others'.

Want To Sponsor This Site?
As people nowdays seem not interested in purchasing banners or links, I don't sell them.
Anyway, if you are wanting to support Hiperia3D News in some way, we may discuss a collaboration agreement that benefits us all.

-Jordi R. Cardona-

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