How To Visualize X3D And VRML Worlds

For watching VRML and X3D files (worlds), there are 2 good browsers available. There are many more, but these two are my recommendations. I suggest you to install both: Flux and Xj3D.

Flux Player is a free X3D and VRML viewer that works as a plugin in Internet Explorer and Firefox. It is useful for seeing simple 3d worlds within your browser. Sometimes it hangs with big worlds.

Xj3D is an standalone Java browser for X3D and VRML. It can be used to load 3d worlds locally or through Internet. Its console of errors gives understandable messages if you do something wrong when building your worlds. So it's ideal for the worldbuilder.

Xj3D also follows the X3D spec closely, as their builders are people. Xj3D can also be used as a library to build Java applications that include a 3d window, having LGPL license.

Thus, the uses of Xj3D are:

  • Watching complex and big X3D and VRML worlds.
  • Program in X3D and build error-free worlds.
So I recommend you to install both. Use Flux Player as quick plugin for IE and Firefox, and Xj3D for "serious" worldbuilding and big worlds.

-Jordi R. Cardona-

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Jordi R Cardona said...

Some people also install Blaxxun Contact plugin to participate in some meetings. It's a bit old and crashes very often, and only works with Internet Explorer, but here it is:

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