David R. Nadeau Courses

David R. Nadeau courses are a good old resource for VRML. Although VRML worlds can't reach the visual quality of X3D and these are very old examples, they are still valid to learn VRML. In next posts we will show what good X3D programming can do.

David R. Nadeau was one of the big figures in the early times of VRML.

He wrote an excellent book with Andrea L. Ames and John L. Moreland, called "The VRML Sourcebook".

The book can also be read online, or if you prefer to read it on paper, purchased at Amazon (VRML 2.0 Sourcebook, 2nd Edition).

Many of the conferences slides and examples of VRML worlds that he used to introduce VRML 2.0 and the firsts examples of 3d worlds in this language were done by him in the years that go from 1996 to 1999.

His VRML worlds illustrate simple notions and at the same time they have a good appearance.

His courses can be downloaded from this url: Nadeau courses. Download them, browse them, and use them as a quick reference of examples.

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